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Stone Church Apartments
515 North Grant Street

Stonechurch ApartmentsB1 Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

B2 Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

B3 Three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

101 Two-bedroom, one-bathroom two-level apartment featuring a spiral staircase and stained-glass windows.

102 Five-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment.
LEASED FOR 2019-2020 AND 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEARS

103 Four-bedroom, two-bathroom two-level apartment; spiral staircase and stained-glass windows.

104 Three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment.

105 Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

201 Five-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment featuring large rooms, and two common living areas.

202 Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.


Available units for 2019-2020:
B2 (2BR), 103 (4BR), and 202 (2 BR).

Now leasing for 2020-2021 school years

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