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A Check-In Inspection (“Inspection”) is required by the City of Bloomington, Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) and Fierst Rentals. The goal of the Check-In Inspection is to document the existing condition (damage from previous residents, for example) of the residence. The first page of your lease indicates the date you can move in. Inspections will be accomplished in the following manner:

As we will not be making individual appointments for the Check-Inspection, members of Fierst Rentals will be checking on all of our residences throughout the move-in days to ensure that the move-in is going smoothly. As we are small family business, we may not always have someone in the office during this time. However, contact us at 812.332.2311 and leave a voice mail if any problems or concerns arise. You may also email us at fierstrentals@gmail.com.





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