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Maintenance Request

All maintenance requests should be submitted by phone or text to Dan, or by email to fierstrentals@gmail.com. Please include your first and last name, phone number, property address and a brief description of the problem. If you would like to authorize a Fierst Rentals' employee to enter your residence to fix the issue when you are not home, please indicate that as well. We try to resolve maintenance issues as quickly as possible, but do ask that you remind us if you have not received a response to your request within two weeks. In order to provide the best possible service, we ask that you follow the protocol outlined above.



As per the lease, it is the resident’s responsibility to keep the drainage lines open. Resident should first use a plunger on the clog to attempt to disassemble the clog. If plunging does not work, we recommend a product called “10 Minute Hair Clog Remover” and follow the instructions on the label. If you are unable to free yourself of the clog, please submit a maintenance request and we will attempt to resolve the problem. You will be charged $25 per incident. If a plumber is required, resident may be responsible for the charges. Some general guidelines for dealing with clogs include the following:


Garbage disposals


Water Leaks

Please report all water leaks within 24 hours of occurrence. Please use the emergency service if the water leak appears serious and occurs after regular office hours.


Emergency Service

We can be reached 24 hours a day for emergencies. Please call 812.332.2311 and leave your residential address, your return phone number and a brief description of the problem. We ask that you only use the emergency service for true emergencies (heat not working, serious water leaks, etc.). Clogs, lock-outs, or a dishwasher not working are not considered emergencies.


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